TiO Announces Home Starter Kit and Price Reductions



TiO Announces Home Starter Kit and Price Reductions

TiO Starter Kit was created to house all the essential components needed to install a home system


By: Katie Nale, Technology Integrator
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Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO (Turn it On) home automation products, has announced the TiO Home Starter Kit (THSK) and price reductions on specific products.

The TiO Starter Kit was created to house all the essential components needed to install a home system that integrates control of two zones of streaming music, ten lighting loads, climate, home theater system and cameras into a phone or tablet interface. The retail price for the starter kit is $3,999.00.

The THSK bundle offers savings over purchasing the parts individually. The system can be professionally installed in half a day and was created to allow future upgrades. Two of TiO’s price reductions include the TouchLite 4 and StealthStream 1. TiO now also includes the AZPS1 power supply with each AZSS1 at no additional cost.

The TiO THSK includes:
2 – (AZSS1) StealthStream 1 amplified music streamers
10 – (TL4) TouchLite 4 Load Agnostic Lighting Dimmers
1 – (MC2) Master Coordinator with Nest and IP Camera interface
1 – (TCWiFi) Wireless TioConnect Interface
1 – (TIR3) 3 port IR adapter
1 – (TTBLT) 7″ Android Tablet
2 – (AZPS1NA) Audio Zone Power Supplies
1 – (AZPC1) Power over Category Wire Adapter
1 – (TL4LBL) Labels for TL4 buttons

TiO also announced an overhaul of their Dealer and Distributor programs with the intention of simplifying its process. It has eliminated back-end rebates and included them in the initial purchase price. TiO price sheets now have multiple columns with dealers and distributors choosing the price they want via quarterly purchase commitments.

“We are excited to release our Home Starter Kit that gives both our dealers and customers another reason to love TiO,” Sanjay Patel, president of Anuva Automation, said in a statement. “The new Kit is ideal for customers who are new to home automation or looking for something easy to use. It’s less expensive than similar products that provide the same level of functionality as TiO and dealers are excited about the two-job a day potential. Coupled with our price reductions on the TouchLite 4 and StealthStream 1, TiO can make 2016 a dealer’s most successful year ever!”


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