Four home automation myths—and how TiO can debunk them.

When the Wi-Fi goes out, so does the “smart” in “smart homes”

TiO’s MasterCoordinator® creates a seamless connection that wirelessly connects to all TiO appliances, separate from the homeowner’s Wi-Fi. Plus, it can be controlled through TiO’s easy-to-use app from anywhere in the world.


Pre-configuring moods and experiences is a hassle

TiO’s patented technology eliminates the need for a programmer or third party to change customization settings. Moods, experiences and wall touch control settings can be changed by the homeowner themselves at the touch of a button through the TiO app.


Home automation isn’t worth the wiring complications and getting a new subcontractor to install

With TiO, the implementation process will not slow you down, due to our patented technology. We send preconfigured installation packages by room so that your electrician can easily install the wall touch controls that wirelessly connect to the TiO MasterCoordinator®.


With anything tech, my warranty department will be bombarded with issues

TiO handles all tech support once the system is installed. Plus, we have a new partnership with Best Buy that provides an in-home advisor for TiO users to walk them through how the system works and how to configure all the custom moods and experiences.


TiO is the simple way to smart home, designed with the builder in mind.

Find out how TiO can help you sell more homes the smart way.