Introducing TiO Voice: Control TiO with Google Assistant

With the smart home boom in full effect, TiO’s affordable, hassle-free home automation system is the ultimate solution now more than ever. With 87% of people who already have smart home products saying their day-to-day life is easier with smart technology, it’s no surprise that the number of automated homes continues to rise. But it’s not just the ease that makes smart homes so attractive—smart home technology can raise the value of a home by 5%, according to Consumer Reports, making TiO a valuable solution for both homeowners and home builders. Now, thanks to our new Google Assistant compatibility, using TiO is even easier—and with no added cost or setup time. Voice control is simple and convenient, and comes preconfigured, meaning you can control lighting, music streaming and temperature right out of the box. It’s as simple as saying, “Okay Google…”

So, what does this mean for builders and homeowners?

For Builders…
TiO creates preconfigured packages, so all you need to do is plug in the smart speaker and the Master Coordinator, leaving all the programming to TiO. This means on installation day, you can use voice control right out of the box. No tricks. No gimmicks. It’s all ready to go, since your bespoke TiO system is tailored to your needs. The option to include smart speakers in TiO’s system and easy commands for pre-configured experiences will allow for quick and easy voice control over the home. Install TiO with voice in your model homes to show buyers the simplicity, and possibilities with home automation.

For Homeowners…
Customers can activate their own experiences using just their voice. Imagine telling Google Assistant “Good night” and having a 30 second delay to get into bed while the bedroom lights and downstairs lights turn off, the smooth jazz turns on, and the air conditioning is set to 68 degrees. Or, tell Google Assistant it’s “Party Time” and the home’s speakers turn on at a set volume and the living room lights up. Whatever the scenario, homeowners can take full ownership of TiO, creating experiences to fit their own life. And if they have a problem, we’ll take it from there through our TiO support team.


TiO is the simple way to smart home, designed with the builder in mind.

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