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The TiO Home – How it Works

Who says more is always better? We’re the pros at keeping products and technology mumbo-jumbo to a minimum while delivering maximum benefits. Our standard package has four (4) simple components:

  1. The App. Use the TiO app on your smartphone or tablet, or connect it to our in-wall touch controls to reign supreme over your smart home.
  2. The Brain. The foundation of every TiO system, “The Brain” (also known as the MasterCoordinator®) provides access to your TiO system from anywhere in the world. Pretty smart, huh?
  3. Wall Touch Controls. Touch a button and lights dim, music starts, temperature changes and magic happens. So. Cool.
  4. Audio Amplifier. Our built-in 100W amplifier makes music thump.
Easy connection to:
15 minutes is all it takes to get an overview of how TiO works.

The Rewards of Living Smart

Never before has high-end smart home automation been available at an affordable and profitable cost to builders of homes in the $300K – $800K range. Your customers will benefit from a smart home system that easily adapts to their needs. Affordable whole home control.

Common smart home products all run through the TiO app, available on Apple or Android phones or tablets, or by TiO's in-wall touch controls

No special platforms or programming required

No hidden costs, or licensing or programming fees

Combine multiple smart-product settings to create a "mood" or "experience."

Wi-Fi connectivity

Future-proof technology

Is your home feeling left out?

Are you a homeowner looking for a simple and affordable smart home experience?

Good news — we’re never far away.
To find a dealer near you email us: sales@tiohome.com.

Let’s work together

Ready to see more? Let us demo the TiO home system for you. 15 minutes is all it takes to gain a complete understanding of how TiO works.

Never has it been easier to get started.