Why TiO

TiO® Will Stop Them in Their Tracks

Most homeowners shopping in the $300K – $800K range aren’t expecting full smart home automation. Which is why you’ll wow them when you offer it. TiO is stacked with the same high-end home automation features found in top-tier homes. Be the builder who makes dreams come true. Put TiO in your homes today.

15 minutes is all it takes to get an overview of how TiO works.
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Enjoy a Hassle-Free Process

When we say we make the complex simple, we actually mean it. We’ve looked at every step in our process and product to keep things as simple, efficient and easy as possible.


Plan out the ideal system for your floor plan and order directly through TiO.


TiO ships straight to the jobsite, packaged room-by-room.


Installing TiO is as simple as installing a light switch. No additional sub required.


TiO offers extensive help for homeowners, meaning you don’t have to play tech support.

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Easy to Use, Easy to Sell

You wouldn’t sell a home without a dishwasher, right? Trust us when we tell you it won’t take long before you’ll look at TiO the same way—as an essential part of every home you sell.

  • Complimentary sales collateral, written in plain English
  • In-person training for your sales team and dedicated support
  • Best-in-class homeowner support, both online and over the phone
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Give Homeowners the Easiest-to-Operate Home Control System on the Market

No one wants to feel like they need a PhD to operate their smart home. With TiO, homeowners will be able to immediately start using and enjoying their smart home system.


Create and combine pre-sets for different smart home products for modes like “away” or “morning” or “dinnertime.”


No on-going licensing fee or subscription.


Ongoing integration of new technologies and services.


Robust network of dealers for additional sales and service of TiO.

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We’re proud of our products and the homes they go into. We understand you have a responsibility to keep costs down, timelines firm and customers happy into the future. You want a smart home solution that is simple to use, cost effective, allows you to differentiate your homes and helps you sell homes faster. That’s the power of TiO.

15 minutes is all it takes to get an overview of how TiO works.
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